Dong Fang Hong 1

China’s first satellite, Dong Fang Hong 1 (DFH-1, DFH = “The East is Red”), was a symmetrical 72-faced polyhedron 1 m in diameter, with an orbital mass of 173 kg. The satellite space-frame consisted the upper and lower hemispherical covers, and a connection section in the middle. Four high-frequency (20 MHz) radio signal antennas were attached symmetrically to the middle connection section. The 3 m-long antennas were folded during launch and then deployed by the centrifugal force of the satellite spin once in orbit. A single 40 cm long VHF radio beacon antenna was attached to the top of the satellite. The 5 cm radio transponder and 10 cm UHF radio beacon antenna were attached to the middle section of the satellite.

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